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Coral Grant: How to Boost Your Confidence

· Coral Grant,Coach Coral Grant

Coral Grant is a life coach who works with a variety of different clients, as well as training other people to share her life coaching techniques. One of the things that she works with many of her clients on is boosting confidence. No matter what your goals are, it can be very difficult to achieve them if you are not confident. Coral Grant used her own techniques to build confidence after a rough childhood and says she “feels like she is living on purpose every day.” Here are some great confidence boosting tips.

- Make a list of the qualities you like about yourself, and put it in a spot where you can see it every day. If you think of a new quality, add to the list!

- Take criticism as a positive thing. The person would not have criticized you if they weren’t paying attention to the work that you are doing. Their criticism can help make your work better, so use it to help fuel your motivation. If you start to feel down on yourself, just remember that everyone gets criticized sometimes.

- Practice speaking positively and try not to complain, even to yourself. You may not realize it, but having a negative outlook in general can really pull your confidence down, so try to avoid it.

- Set goals for yourself based on what makes you happy and what you like doing. When you spend more time doing something that you love, you will find that success and natural confidence comes with it. This is why Coral Grant chose to become a life coach!

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